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I am a genius

Is the feeling I share with myself ever morning when I place an apricot between my tongue and the upper ridge of the mouth. 5 more months of this I shall have a glitzingly perfect falsetto.And then who knows where it will take me.
However, this is not about nuts in my throat. Not at all. This is about you. How have you been?
Well, I suppose. Unless you live in Bombay. In summers, the city sucks pornstar phallus better than Lupe the innocent.
Apologies for the consistently barren hinterland of a blog that this has come to be but I have Leon Festinger to deal with this semester.
Lots of dissonance. (Ok no one except that half a shrink who reads me would get this joke. Nevermind.)
Psychology is weird like that. Conceptual and methdological do not mix. Social Psychology is excellent from a conceptual point of view – no demons of intrapsychic structures etcetra – and yet it is ripe with phenomenology which, as an idea, is deeply confusing.
The only thing good that comes out of this is that now breaking up is easier. No more of its me-not-you shpiel. Just blame it on “phenomenology”. This is who I are. (In the present.)

Anyway. Not much is going to happen here from now till July, possibly. Here is my Tumblr. It’s where I post such uncool things that they turn 180 degrees and become infinitely cool.

I think I just cracked post decisional dissonance with that.

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