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If the World would end today

I am a teller of stories, a weaver of dreams. I can dance, sing, and in the right weather I can stand on my head. I know seven words of Latin, I have a little magic, and a trick or two. I know the proper way to meet a Dragon, I can fight dirty but not fair, I once swallowed thirty oysters in a minute. I am not domestic, I am a luxury, and in that sense, necessary.

If the World would end today. Then my blogging right now would be a ridiculous and colossal waste of time.

Anyway, the bottomline is, if I must blog then I need a clean or at least a comparatively “cleaner” slate. So, now my slate is Elsewhere.

See you in the new space.

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Euclid’s Lemma is not a primate

I may not be exemplary with Surds but teaching maths to my sister has raised some pertinent questions. For instance, what the fuck is a lemma anyway? And why would Euclid want it divided? It’s as absurd as asking how many divisions has the Bombay Electrial Board?

In other news there is no news other than the fact that developmentalists are the pond scum of the psychology universe.

A second glue uses another function of perception, the gestalt. That’s the ability to bind separate elements of a perception into a coherent whole.Every utterance that is not just a high-powered animal signal—e.g., halt; sure-sure—uses attention to link statement and governing perception. The speaker attends something and utters the apt word(s) of a particular language. The listener hears the word(s) and pilots attention appropriately.

Beyond utrecht. (Also beyond the boring language generalizations cat scattered everywhere.)

One of the biggest mysteries in psychiatry is why psychosis, the occurrence of delusions and hallucinations, doesn’t typically first appear until about 17 years of age for males and about 20 for females.

The rarity of early childhood schizophrenia. On another tangent, schizophrenia is rarely diagonsed on time in most populations.

Both men and women compete intrasexually to obtain a superior mate. Biologically, the purpose of selecting a superior mate is to enhance the likelihood of producing the most viable offspring. What is considered superior varies according to sex and the mating strategy employed (Buss & Schmitt, 1993). Men are statistically more likely than women to pursue a short-term strategy, i.e., they have the capacity and drive to attempt to fertilize as many women as possible with as little commitment or investment as possible.

An academic’s description of a booty call?

Ok. Now back to instinct development in neonates.

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In the Manchester of Southern India

June 12, 2010 2 comments

Haven’t chanced upon anything akin to Canal Street yet. I did catch a glimpse of two virile men clothed in matching black mesh undershirts hold hands and whistle into the breeze while crossing an overflowing gutter, earlier during the day.

 The original Manchester is well know for its sports. Mostly lacrosse championships and why shouldn’t that be the case? Lacrosse is a superior sport when you compare it to something vile like football or bog snorkelling. It  invokes the same athleticism as rugby except with lesser chances to see the mugs on those doltish runts thanks to the equestrian helmets and constant headbutting. Considered closely, lacrosse resembles a well rehearsed menage-a-trois between 3 prominent spectator sports – american football, foot  polo and fencing.

What are some of your favorite sports?

Write to me about them and I shall prove to you how all of them are, essentially, inglorious versions of  croquet.

Madame, hand me your properties

This is the Tamil equivalent of “D’ya like dags?” I am given to believe. In any case thats how my driver greeted me upon arrival.  Presently, my properties are refusing to be unlocked no thanks to his vice like grip  while transporting them from the Arrivals section to the coach.

Coimbatore this morning has the same dense feel as an Orwellian novel. And both are laden with “hot roasts”.

 That obviously didn’t make any sense much as I expected. Though you will have to admit that it was a clever way of introducing the fact that I am currently rummaging through the finest corporate debris in a city in Tamil Nadu which is not Chennai.

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Terminator : The Beginning

June 7, 2010 4 comments

There was this one time, while waiting for my school bus, I  tried to hypnotize a parrot. The bird picked itself to death the following week.

This was the beginning of my descent into the lowest infernos of clinical psychology.

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I am a genius

Is the feeling I share with myself ever morning when I place an apricot between my tongue and the upper ridge of the mouth. 5 more months of this I shall have a glitzingly perfect falsetto.And then who knows where it will take me.
However, this is not about nuts in my throat. Not at all. This is about you. How have you been?
Well, I suppose. Unless you live in Bombay. In summers, the city sucks pornstar phallus better than Lupe the innocent.
Apologies for the consistently barren hinterland of a blog that this has come to be but I have Leon Festinger to deal with this semester.
Lots of dissonance. (Ok no one except that half a shrink who reads me would get this joke. Nevermind.)
Psychology is weird like that. Conceptual and methdological do not mix. Social Psychology is excellent from a conceptual point of view – no demons of intrapsychic structures etcetra – and yet it is ripe with phenomenology which, as an idea, is deeply confusing.
The only thing good that comes out of this is that now breaking up is easier. No more of its me-not-you shpiel. Just blame it on “phenomenology”. This is who I are. (In the present.)

Anyway. Not much is going to happen here from now till July, possibly. Here is my Tumblr. It’s where I post such uncool things that they turn 180 degrees and become infinitely cool.

I think I just cracked post decisional dissonance with that.

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All Hulled Out

Psychopathy can be differentiated from other personality disorders on the basis of its characteristic pattern of interpersonal, affective and behavioral symptoms. Interpersonally, psychopaths are grandiose, egocentric, manipulative, dominant, forceful, and cold-hearted. Affectively, they display shallow and labile emotions, are unable to form long-lasting bonds to people, principles, or goals, and are lacking in empathy, anxiety, and genuine guilt and remorse. Behaviorally, psychopaths are impulsive and sensation-seeking, and they readily violate social norms. The most obvious expressions of these predispositions involve criminality, substance abuse, and a failure to fulfill social obligations and responsibilities.

There is this part in my study that I have always dreaded. Drive observation in violent offenders. I have an iron lined stomach for almost anything and everything under the stars but to sit through actuarial data and clinical observation trials on psychopaths with a cultivated taste for abusing children is something you can never entirely be prepared for. This is where you commence with serious doubts about whether this really is the career you want. Because you are promised that it will get progressively vile.

I had first played some of his easiest piano pieces when I was nine; at that time, Sibelius, the so-called Nordic Beethoven, was still alive; Stravinsky, the most celebrated Beetho­venian (insofar as he was a revolutionary) of my grandparents’ generation, composed the Canticum Sacrum that year; Pierre Boulez, one of several important musical revolutionaries of the generation that was then coming into its own, turned 30, and the ink was hardly dry on the score of Le Marteau sans maître, his most influential work. I hadn’t heard of Boulez then, but through my record player I wanted to get to know all of the musicians I had heard of, from Bach and Mozart to Bartók and Stravinsky. I loved Tchai­kovsky’s 1812 Overture, Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheher­azade, and Leonard Bernstein’s jazzy Fancy Free ballet, which began with four gunshot-like drumbeats, but Beethoven seemed to speak to me more clearly, more directly, than anyone else, and I often thought about him, about his existence.

In 1958, the Colossus speaks to an 11-year-old boy.

A Pun travels through your brain.

Have to get back to Hull and excitatory potentials which, surprisingly, do not excite in the least.


Because he is like so pasty and so Lock Stock and Two Smokey Barrel-y at the same time.