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Euclid’s Lemma is not a primate

I may not be exemplary with Surds but teaching maths to my sister has raised some pertinent questions. For instance, what the fuck is a lemma anyway? And why would Euclid want it divided? It’s as absurd as asking how many divisions has the Bombay Electrial Board?

In other news there is no news other than the fact that developmentalists are the pond scum of the psychology universe.

A second glue uses another function of perception, the gestalt. That’s the ability to bind separate elements of a perception into a coherent whole.Every utterance that is not just a high-powered animal signal—e.g., halt; sure-sure—uses attention to link statement and governing perception. The speaker attends something and utters the apt word(s) of a particular language. The listener hears the word(s) and pilots attention appropriately.

Beyond utrecht. (Also beyond the boring language generalizations cat scattered everywhere.)

One of the biggest mysteries in psychiatry is why psychosis, the occurrence of delusions and hallucinations, doesn’t typically first appear until about 17 years of age for males and about 20 for females.

The rarity of early childhood schizophrenia. On another tangent, schizophrenia is rarely diagonsed on time in most populations.

Both men and women compete intrasexually to obtain a superior mate. Biologically, the purpose of selecting a superior mate is to enhance the likelihood of producing the most viable offspring. What is considered superior varies according to sex and the mating strategy employed (Buss & Schmitt, 1993). Men are statistically more likely than women to pursue a short-term strategy, i.e., they have the capacity and drive to attempt to fertilize as many women as possible with as little commitment or investment as possible.

An academic’s description of a booty call?

Ok. Now back to instinct development in neonates.

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You do something to me..

February 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Listening to Paul Weller rather soppily. Packing books and oranges. Trying to locate Joe Sacco’s Footnotes in Gaza.

Trying to take the next week off.

It’s friday and I show some link love now.

British and Belgian researchers used a brain scanner called functional magnetic resonance imaging to show the man, who suffered a severe traumatic brain injury in a road accident in 2003, was able to think “yes” or “no” answers to questions by wilfully changing his brain activity.

Often thought about what would happen if comatose patients started sending out neural signals thereby hollowing the whole argument about the futility of saving those who had slipped into a vegetative state. Now we can know.

In the explicit study of literature, we inevitably adopted a cognitive approach to something that became abstract and conceptual, when in fact the whole embodied self, heart and lungs as well as cortex, unconscious as much as conscious, had to be brought into play in relation to a whole other embodied being, the poem or whatever it was that we were experiencing. I found what philosophers had to say about the ‘mind-body’ issue was curiously subject to the same problem: disembodied, theoretical, scuppered by the nature of denotative language and analysis.

Transitioning from philosophy to psychology is not quite the same but I see slivers of hope for myself.

Why is it that we choose suffering as a partner? The offer to go beyond the well-being and reestablishment of a functional equilibrium but to address the real is what is at stake. It is the position of the analyst that matters, in a practice that does not adjust to the statistical requirements of the contemporary master or to its utilitarian aims.

The work of psychoanalysis invites the subject to be responsible for their choices and their jouissance.

We play “NN-1″ [a (Muhal Richard) Abrams composition]. I say, I’m going to show these motherfuckers what it’s all about — thirty-second notes, Coltrane, Cecil Taylor. I finished my solo, and Jarman stood up and said [sings] Bwaaaah! [silence], Oom [silence], Pfffft! I said this motherfucker is totally out of his motherfucking mind, and this is the baddest shit I’ve ever heard in my life.

Ha Ha. Any comment dilutes the effect.

Wants this.

Here goes…

See you when I see you.