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Madame, hand me your properties

This is the Tamil equivalent of “D’ya like dags?” I am given to believe. In any case thats how my driver greeted me upon arrival.  Presently, my properties are refusing to be unlocked no thanks to his vice like grip  while transporting them from the Arrivals section to the coach.

Coimbatore this morning has the same dense feel as an Orwellian novel. And both are laden with “hot roasts”.

 That obviously didn’t make any sense much as I expected. Though you will have to admit that it was a clever way of introducing the fact that I am currently rummaging through the finest corporate debris in a city in Tamil Nadu which is not Chennai.

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Money v/s Enzymatic Apocalypse

March 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Here, no one will slip in
and follow you. Your
steps have of themselves
blotted out the path behind
you, and above your path
is inscribed – “Impossible”

So it goes. I rot away, interning with a psychiatrist  and listening to odorous people confess their deep nocturnal confessions while Carlos Slim Helu rakes in more billions and yet it is I, not he, who is aware of what cholecystokinin is. Back in school they had you convinced that rattling enzyme names like an Udipi waiter recounting an order was a sure shot to a good career. I beg to disagree. Look where it got me. Carlos Slim never has to sit through elaborate and expressive tales of dendrophilia, does he? He seems to be doing well for himself just on that count. I could console myself about how exceedingly large my hypothalamus is compared to his but you have to admit that on most good days having $53.5 billion trumps that everyway.

Das Leben Der Udderen (The Udders Of Others)

January 22, 2010 Leave a comment

At first I thought of trampling the bespectacled vontz, but I felt that to do the job properly I’d need about two hundred more head to really stomp him good. There were no rocky cliffs where I could brush against the wretch with a little hip action and send him plummeting. Then it hit me. A nature walk had been mentioned, and all were anxious to participate. All, that is, except for a certain cringing homunculus, who carried on like Duse over the prospect of being in the woods among Lyme ticks and poison oak. He chose to remain in his room and make phone calls to check on the grosses of his new movie, which Variety had said would have limited appeal and suggested should open in Atlantis.

The Lives of Udders by way of Dr Woody Allen. (Due apologies to Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck.)

When a femur or tibia fracture comes in, we check to see if it is open and has penetrated the skin or is closed. The open ones go to the [operating room], they are usually infected, and usually lead to amputations. That means [people] who would have just broken their legs and be back on track in a few months, are losing their legs. The closed fractures, no matter how bad don’t have priority for the OR and can’t be x-rayed, so I put them into place as best as I can estimate, make a splint and give them Tylenol and send them home. I know home doesn’t exist so i feel bad..

Trying to stay hopeful in Haiti.

Spaceporn via io9. Watch and weep. And smack James Cameron for spending the collective GDP of all of SOuth America on something that’s naturally and freely available.

Somewhere but not here

January 7, 2010 5 comments a place they don’t clutter their blogs with innumerable youtube vids. Clearly that place is a few galaxies away.

Just because I saw them perform recently when they were in town and you almost forget that Wilson is from Hertfordshire which is otherwise chiefly known for aggressive vegetation, kilns, Janeite cookies and Tesco. None in possession of a single redeeming feature, tragically.


What the hell, have another one while you are at it.
Ok I goes for exams now.

Whose spider is that?

November 30, 2009 Leave a comment