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Trying to procure a copy of The Goncourt Journals. It’s a real pain in the harris, apparently. It’s the only non-academic read I aimed for last month and while I am almost half done self flagellating with ICD 10, I am yet to so much as spot a copy of this book anywhere.

By contrast, Beckett’s poems, early and late, do everything possible to undermine any possible universalization, and instead keep their own discourse mired in an individuality that is always trivial: thus, the Descartes ventriloquized in “Whoroscope” is concerned not with pure thought but with the egg he intends to eat, for as Beckett’s note informs us, he “liked his omelette made of eggs hatched”—he presumably means “laid”—“from eight to ten days; shorter or longer under the hen and the result, he says, is disgusting.”

Answers the question gnawing at every Philo student’s lateral regions – What ’bout Descartes’ eggs?
(Trivia – Pablo Escobar also liked his eggs “laid”. Hannibal Lecter, of course, omitted any breakfast originating from ovipores entirely.)


death ain’t always good

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This is how you read poems.

Say hello to Mr. Waffles

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It could happen, okay?

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Morality is simply weariness

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What is primal speaks only of and to Thanatos. What is primal is also innate. What is primal can’t be denied.


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Money v/s Enzymatic Apocalypse

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Here, no one will slip in
and follow you. Your
steps have of themselves
blotted out the path behind
you, and above your path
is inscribed – “Impossible”

So it goes. I rot away, interning with a psychiatrist  and listening to odorous people confess their deep nocturnal confessions while Carlos Slim Helu rakes in more billions and yet it is I, not he, who is aware of what cholecystokinin is. Back in school they had you convinced that rattling enzyme names like an Udipi waiter recounting an order was a sure shot to a good career. I beg to disagree. Look where it got me. Carlos Slim never has to sit through elaborate and expressive tales of dendrophilia, does he? He seems to be doing well for himself just on that count. I could console myself about how exceedingly large my hypothalamus is compared to his but you have to admit that on most good days having $53.5 billion trumps that everyway.

Congratulations, it’s a bobcat!

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Sanjay Gandhi National Park (Borivali, Mumbai, Maharashtra) is putting up some of it’s animals for adoption. If you decide on it seriously, it also means that you could gloat to your friends that you recently welcomed an Axis, axis to your family.

In Guido Fawkes’ own words – I beseech you to adopt lions, deers and coyotes. (If the French haven’t turned them into soup yet.)

Here is the list of wild beings up for adoption –

ROYAL BENGAL TIGER (Panthera tigris):

Of the current lot of four tigers in the park, two were brought in from Van Vihar in Madhya Pradesh, while the rest were bred in captivity in the park. The adoption of each would cost Rs 3.05 lakh per year.

ASIATIC LION (Panthera leo persica):

Of the three lions in the park, two have been brought in from Bannerghatta Zoo at Bangalore in exchange of two white tigers from the park. The adoption of each lion for a year would cost Rs 2.5 lakh.

LEOPARD (Panthera pardus):

There are 24 leopards in captivity at SGNP, some of which had strayed outside the park and had been rescued from forest divisions outside SGNP. The 24 leopards include two cubs that were recently rescued from Shahapur forest division. The cost of adopting this endangered species would be Rs 1.15 lakh a year.

NILGAI (Boselaphus tragocamelus):

The two nilgais named by park officials as Seeta and Geeta, the biggest Asian antelope, were brought to the park last year. They were found abandoned on the road and were rescued from Shahapur forest division. The cost of adopting them a nilgai is Rs 30,000 a year.

SPOTTED DEER (Axis axis):

The four spotted deer that are put up for adoption had been rescued from around the park as calves or were injured. The adoption of this species would cost Rs 20,000 per year. 

via TOI

If you are here and have read this, then do spread the word. (And also tell people about this animal adoption thingie.)

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